Nikon Z9 High ISO Performance..

I was able to check some RAW images from Nikon Z9 and compared them to Z7ii and Z6ii. The results are for my use fantastic. My main use is Landscape, and bracketed images, Long Exposures, and Nighttime shooting. And the rest of the time it will be used for Family and kids, and Portraits where AF, and Detail are good welcome.

all images are Simulated to recreate the original unprocessed RAW from those models since I’m not having the right to show you those original images which I have compared so I simulate images to show what you can expect.

Z9 has more Details even at ISO 25600, It seems Z7ii has some kind of noise removal in the camera.

The Z9 images have 10-30% more detail than Z7ii. and more separation in color dept. almost like a medium format sensor. I’m pretty sure this camera will perform even better after an X-Rite Calibration. And Z9 has 20-40% more noise, but when u apply noise removal in Nx Studio, it still Z9 has more pleasing details compared to untouched Z7ii Raw. Without any Sharpening applied to Z9 files.

I’m pretty sure that I will set my Auto ISO to max 51200. where I set to 12800 for D810 and 25600 for D750.

ISO 51200, Untouched Lossless RAW.

ISO 800 is too much for some photographers, but for my family use is all under 6400 is normal. Look how good is this ISO 800 image, and how much more detail you get with the Z9 BSI Stacked CMOS 52MPX sensor compared to a Non-Stacked BSI 46.1MPX Z7ii sensor. Stacked sensors have more noise in common.

It is 20-40% more detail on Z9. And double-checked that both cameras had almost the same focus plane. With their eyes. Even her eyes had 20-40% more detail on Z9 files.

Here is an Image that compared Z9 Lossless RAW with high-level noise removal in NX Studio to an untouched Z6ii Raw file. Z6ii have less Noise from the sensor, But Z9 high-resolution sensor with new technology delivers the most detail even after heavy noise removal. this blows my mind.!!!

Z6ii image is at 100% crop, while z9 image is cropped to match Z6ii image. Z9 image at 100% crop has more details, even shows at 200%!.

This camera is going to be one of the best mirrorless cameras for me and many other Nikon shooters.
– Better AF
– Better EVF
– More Details
– High ISO
– Battery Life
– F Mount lenses
– 120 Frames per second.
(Yes, 11Mb Jpeg, but Nikon delivers the most beautiful image output in the full-frame area)
– and all Video features. Is just a Bonus!*

Yes, This doesn’t have the same specs as competitors in some areas. but those don’t matter for the final output, and especially for a Nikon user like me. Nikon users don’t choose Nikon for specs, but for how they feel and how they can trust their products. I Trust this product!.