Portfolio Workflow

Yes, I still work on images and do photography. As I stated in the last post, I am working on all Family and images I have already taken. And making a Portfolio system for myself and for my family. So that all money and time I have spend are also usable for my family.

My workflow is in 2 catalogs, one working catalog then the portfolio catalog where the final destination for images and videos. The main important part of all workflows is to have a backup system that works.

I have been so busy editing, That in the last 21 days I had edited and worked with 108GB files which are output. That is about 9500 images. This means a total of 18950 files included Sidecar XMP files which are archived.

I have made a pretty good workflow system, witch is almost perfect for everyone, If you feel that you need a workflow system or an update to your own system. Just ask. Im happy to help.

Bass Cover with Notes!

Emayavan on Bass Guitar!

I made a recording of bass guitar on Youtube video. Witch, I have thought to do it for a long time. and now in Corona days I actually got time to do it.

Some of my Youtube followers have been asking for instrument notes. so I found a way to share my notes, which are written by me. and for this song, you can find it on the download page for free. https://notebook.emayavan.com/download/

Musical Notes
Bass Notes by Emayavan Kanesamoorthy. Suited for 5 String bass.

The idea with sharing notes is for those who are not able to write down or have access to do that. so it will make it easy. and if I can get someone else to play bass better, so why not ;). I will also try to implement the Guitar Tab system as well as the Staff notation.

Bass guitar by Emayavan Kanesamoorthy

The cover image of me is taken on a rehearsal session for Alaypaayuthea II in Denmark by a wonderful Vocalist, Musician, and photographer Stephanie Githa Nadarajah. https://stephaniegitha.com/

I am a big fan of Ibanez Bass Guitars, and Specifically those in SR Series.

Here are some links that support this page!



IBANEZ SR505 Used on Video Ibanez SR505BM Soundgear 5-String Bass, Mahogany IBANEZ SR500 My First Ibanez Bass Ibanez SR500E – Brown Mahogany IBANEZ GSR SERIES! Good Bass for Beginners, Remember a good bass is a need when u start to play the instrument. otherwise, it can be demotivating to practice. Ibanez GSR 4 String Bass Guitar, Right Handed, Walnut Flat (GSR200BWNF)

Remote Shutter Release

When we have cold weather like in Norway. We need to have equipment that works and make the job easier. Then it’s quality that matters. Bought this Capture Module Pro witch is in my opinion better choose than Miops triggers. I’m looking forward to having this with me on my fine art journey.