Portfolio Workflow

Yes, I still work on images and do photography. As I stated in the last post, I am working on all Family and images I have already taken. And making a Portfolio system for myself and for my family. So that all money and time I have spend are also usable for my family.

My workflow is in 2 catalogs, one working catalog then the portfolio catalog where the final destination for images and videos. The main important part of all workflows is to have a backup system that works.

I have been so busy editing, That in the last 21 days I had edited and worked with 108GB files which are output. That is about 9500 images. This means a total of 18950 files included Sidecar XMP files which are archived.

I have made a pretty good workflow system, witch is almost perfect for everyone, If you feel that you need a workflow system or an update to your own system. Just ask. Im happy to help.