Beautiful wedding experience..

Walk away

With beautiful wedding memories in my mind, I am taking a break from weddings. Since I am a hobby pro photographer, bassist, father to 2 wonderful girls and having daily work to go to, I choose to use more time on my family and kids while they are kids. And I will be back soon or after.

Captured at Ålesund on 24 Aug 2019 by Emayavan Kanesamoorthy Photography

I took this wedding because it is very special to me. She used to be a model for my hobby projects. And I told her that time that I will be her photographer for their wedding day. Little did I knew that my words will become true and that they will have me on their big day to photograph their event.

Captured at Ålesund on 05 Feb 2017 by Emayavan Kanesamoorthy Photography

Met them the first time, when I was out and taking seascape/landscape images at Molnes beach in 2017. They were there with their photographer for their engagement shoot. And I captured this image above with them posing for their shoot. We did say hello and talk a bit after their shoot and showed this image on the back of my camera. and they exchanged their contact information so that I could send them the photograph. That is how we got to know and she became a model for some of my projects.

Wedding photography not only makes you better at photography. You also get to know the people when families and friends are sharing their story witch even makes a photographer emotional.

Captured at Ålesund on 24 Aug 2019 by Emayavan Kanesamoorthy Photography

I am very thankful to get beautiful weddings like this.

Too many images to edit!

I have found out that, I have been very good at delivering clients images within 5 weeks as in written contract. However, I was failing very hard at delivering images that I have been shooting for my family and kids.

Even my main purpose of buying a good DSLR was to shoot my kids and family and since i started shooting for clients I have changed and prioritised clients. Now its time to edit all family images and make a small portfolio to enjoy. and not think about buying new gear or agree to someone for a shoot for free.

I know that this post is not a good one meant for the notebook, but I had to make a statement for my self!. But having images from 2015-2019 in tons of gigabytes on disk, Hurts!.